A bag of coconuts, a frog invasion and the ice cream lady

I stayed around the house today because my back is really sore. It was better this morning after we added an additional mat on top of our mattress but really hurt this afternoon so I took a two hour nap with medicinal patches on my back. The mattresses here are rock hard. It didn’t bother me past trips but I guess as I get older I am not as flexible. On of our neighbors gave us a large bag of coconuts so you can see a few pictures of Phai and my granddaughter’s husband working on them below. Then the ice cream lady showed up so I bought ice cream for all the kids. Just a short time ago it started raining and all of a sudden we had an invasion of frogs. probably about 20 frogs of assorted sizes hoping around the restaurant. I chased a couple of them out of the store. One of them was huge, at least it was the largest frog I have every encountered. 

I did get the video of the fishing at my farm edited but it is taking forever to upload to YouTube. As soon as it is done I will post a link. I also started setting up the security camera system now that I have the power adapter. It is working great but will take some time to decide the placement of the cameras and run all the ethernet cables. I can only do so much before my back begins to hurt so I will work on it in short bursts.

Still waiting on the video. I may have to restart the upload at a lower resolution. Hi Definition takes a long time.

IMG 2561

As you see, compared to my step daughters hand that is a big frog.

IMG 2559

Phai and my granddaughter’s husband work on the coconuts.

IMG 2554

Ice cream motorbikes take the place of ice cream trucks here.

IMG 2555

Kids are the same everywhere and come running when the hear the ice cream motorbike music.

Ice Cream Kids

Phai made sure they each said thank you to me. I think the dog was hoping one of them would drop some.

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