A Big Oh Oh today.

My day started out great. I hooked up the new router we bought yesterday and it fired right up and works great. I brought an additional wireless IP camera from home and it connected right up so we have two wireless security cameras working (one we installed two years ago and it continues to work wonderfully). It allows us not only to view the general store and restaurant here but also hear all the sounds. Two cameras will allow us to cover different angels. These two cameras are not weather proof so must sheltered from the weather. Both those cameras and the new ones I brought can be viewed on our iPhones and iPads.

Then it came time to install the new system with four high quality weather proof cameras and a NVR (network video recorder) with a 2 GB hard drive allowing it record many days of video and sound from all four cameras. Now for the Oh Oh part. Evidently when I set up the system at our townhouse in Brandon Fl and then disconnected again to pack it I got everything packed except the 48 volt power adapter needed to power the main unit and cameras. A frantic search of all the suitcases and anywhere it could be turned up nothing. So I am faced with some challenges. I have emailed support at Swann (the manufacturer) to get more detailed specs on the adapter. I know the voltage but need to know the amps requirement. I also need the specs on the connector where it plugs into the box. I don’t know why there cannot be consensus on a standard adapter plug. I also asked if there was anyway I could order from them and have it shipped to me in Thailand. They do not sell their products here. If they send me the specs I can also search suppliers here in Thailand and may be able to buy a compatible adapter here. If all else fails,  we will contact Phai’s niece who lives in Brandon and has a key to our house to see if she can find it in our house and ship it to us. That may be the final solution because she is fluent in Thai and could properly address the package which must be written in the Thai alphabet it order to reach us here. It is not critical but I was excited about getting it all set up today. 

So other than relaxing while at the same time kicking myself for my mistake it has been a quiet (but very hot) day. Here a a few photos to hopefully make todays posting more interesting.

IMG 2384

This foot long Geko was crawling up the wall about six feet from me. I tried to get better pictures be he was not happy with my flash going off. 

IMG 0100

I wasn’t kidding about the comfort of our new chairs. Our granddaughter took this photo of us actually asleep. 

IMG 2378

The kids love to play in front of the house across the street from us. This is my granddaughter By walking home.

IMG 2379

I heard the dogs barking like crazy and went to see what was going on. This old cat was perched on the wall just looking at them. I do not see many cats here because of all the dogs and the cats like to stay up high. 

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