A busy day today. Everything now working.

The day started with Phai going to the Buddhist Temple this morning at 6 am for some kind of big gathering. Since it was raining I choose not to go and worked on things here. I do want to go down to the Temple and take some photos but it is better when there is not a crowd. I know they have added some things over the past two years. 

I was able to work with my dad and sister so they could gain access to the new cameras this morning. I FaceTimed to my sisters iPad who aimed her camera at dad’s iPad so I could see his screen and viola, we got the cameras working so he can see and hear everything happening here whenever he wants to. He says he watches for me to come out of the house in the morning and enjoyed seeing all the activities in the store and restaurant. Technology is amazing. 

Then my step son and son in law decided to install the locking door knobs i bought two years ago on our bathroom door. They knew I was not happy about using deadbolts to lock a bathroom door because if anything happens (like a slip and fall in the shower) they would have to break the door down to get in. When they started I heard a big turmoil and they were having a loud discussion with Phai. From what I could make out they basically thought I was out of my mind because the new locking knob has a slot for a key. In their mind if something happened they would either have to find the key or break the door down. I told them in Thai to take it easy and took a coin out of my pocket and used it to unlock the lock. They both cracked up, decided I wasn’t crazy and got busy installing the new doorknobs. One of the problems before is unless you actually latched the deadbolt the door would not stay shut on its own. With the new locks it latches shut even if you choose not to lock it. Photos below. Oh, by the way, while I was watching them work I notice a lizard had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and been crushed between the door and the frame. It must have happened awhile ago because all the was left was mainly his skeleton. Photo below. 

We went into Nong Bua Lamphu with some of the family to Tesco Lotus and Phai and I bought a new refrigerator/freezer for the restaurant. It is twice the size of the old one. I now get the old one all to myself so i can keep juices, ice cream, yogurt. milk for my cereal etc. in it and have it there when I want it. Before I had to share space with all the vegetables ning buys for the restaurant and often I would be relegated to a small space. I had originally planned to buy a second small refrigerator and put it in our bedroom but for the difference in price it made a lot more sense to get a nice new one for the restaurant and me take the old one. Ning is so happy. If wanted to eat ten bowls of soup a day she would be happy to serve it to me. 

Tesco Lotus sells ethernet cables but not real long ones so what I really needed was a couple of connecters that let you connect two ethernet cables together. I had never seen them in the store but had Phai talk with the employees and they said they carry them but were out. They went on search to see if they could find some. As we were buying the refrigerator the girl came running over and had found a box of ethernet couplers. I was elated. And they were only 35 cents each. I purchased two and when we got home we were able to get all the cameras working and also have the Apple Airport Express router I use as an extender for the network working. Apple is amazing. That router has been working for two years through all kinds of heat, power outages, etc. and just keeps going. When we installed the new DSL router I bought last week we put it in a different location so I needed to extend the cable to the Apple Express. The couplers allowed me to do that. I have included a couple of screen captures from the new cameras below. 

They got busy installing my new lock on the bathroom door.

Now I do not have use the dead bolts.

This is the skeletal lizard on the door frame.

IMG 2631

We  bought the refrigerator and Tesco (which is 20 miles away) delivered it 15 minutes after we got home from the store. Amazing Thailand. 

A screen shot from my iPad when only three cameras were working.

IMG 0118

Viewing one camera full screen on my iPad

IMG 0122

A view from one of the other cameras after dark.

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