A Day of Shopping

Finally got that shopping trip into Nong Bua Lamphu. First we went to the Bangkok Bank downtown to exchange our US money for Thai Baht. Also took the opportunity to have my bank passbook brought up to date. That’s right, they still use passbooks here. Luckily they simply insert it into their printer and the computer automatically prints all the transactions in the book that occurred since the last update. From there we went to the communications company that we get our high speed DSL service from. The modem/router we have had up until now only had one ethernet port and I use that for my Apple Airport Express which greatly extends our range. I purchased and brought over a four camera video security system that needs its own port. I was surprised that we were able to purchase a four port high range router brand new for $30. Then it was on to Tesco Lotus where we had lunch in the food court (I ate pad Thai) and picked a variety of supplies including cereal, juices and treats. Tesco Lotus would be equivalent to a Super Walmart except it has some nice kiosks with a variety of items, a multi screen very modern movie theatre and a great inexpensive food court. Oh yea, there is also a Dairy Queen so I had to have a caramel almond  blizzard after lunch. 

After Tesco Lotus we went to Thai Watsadu. It is a huge hardware, store unlike anything I have seen in the states. Everything from any building supplies you might need, tools, furniture, pillows, towels, etc. I found they had a great deal on very nice recliner chairs and bought two. Couldn’t resist. They were less than $85 dollars each. Of course the are faux leather but very soft. Came back, set them up in the general store and promptly fell asleep for about two hours with two fans blowing on me. They are his and hers so Phai and I can enjoy them together in front of the TV while still interacting with the family and visitors to the restaurant. 

I am too tired to hook up the new router and cameras so will save that until tomorrow. Here are a few photos from today.

IMG 2377

Our New Chairs. 

IMG 2374

This truck had a problem staying on the road. They were working on pulling it out of the ditch when we went by.

IMG 2371

Phai’s sister Jon grills chicken in her restaurant across the street from ours. Cracks me up that Thais will stand right in the smoke and it doesn’t seem to bother them.

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