A Great Day!

I have been writing about my not brining the power supply for the security camera system I purchased. Well, this morning I was looking for the microfiber blue towel I use to clean my glasses and iPad screen. I couldn’t find it so I started looking in my suitcases. It was in the big suitcase but the good news is I search my small suitcase first. As I looked at the suitcase I realized there was a compartment on the side I forgot about. I unzipped the compartment and there it was. The missing power adapter. Phai and I both started cheering. I had a flashback to having packed it into that compartment because it wouldn’t fit inside but had completely forgot about it. 

Then I watched the keynote presentation from Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). I did not stay up until midnight to watch it live but instead watched on the Apple website this morning. Unbelievable! Great things coming to three operating systems (OS X for Mac, IOS9 for iPhone/iPad and WatchOS for Apple Watch). The hard part now is waiting for the updates (all are free) to be released this fall. Since my readers are not all Apple users I will not elaborate here but if you are interested the keynote presentation is available on Apples web site.

Next, Phai said we are going to my farm to see the unique way the catch fish. So I had my noon bowl of soup and headed to the farm for three hours. It was an amazing process that I had never witnessed before. I took a lot of photos and video and will post some photos here and after I get a chance to edit the video I will post to YouTube with a link here. 

It was not as hot today and there was a wonderful breeze so I really enjoyed my time at the farm. If my back didn’t hurt so much I would have spent longer but instead came back to the house and laid down after taking ibuprofen and using IcyHot spray. Hopefully it gets better soon. I think I kept aggravating it with all the coughing I was doing when I had my cold which has pretty much gone away.

I will probably hook up the camera system tomorrow and really need to get into town for a haircut. A good Thai massage would work wonders for my back. I do not know what massage facilities there are in our small village but Phai gives a terrific massage. One of the many benefits of marrying a Thai woman. 

Here are a few of the photos from my farm today. I will work on the videos tomorrow that will help show how it all works.

IMG 2482 (1)

Relaxing at my farm before the fishing starts.

IMG 2494

The task of netting off a section of my river where all this vegetation grows begins. The fish hide under the vegetation during the heat of the day.

IMG 2510

They hack a path into the growth to bring the net all the way around.

IMG 2517

With the net in place they clear all the vegetation. The fish are trapped.

IMG 2525

Phai helps reel in the net as the vegetation gets cleared.

IMG 1583

Everybody picks out the fish from the net and muck that came from the bottom of the river.

IMG 2529

Some of the early ones including many large snails were tossed to me on shore to put in this bag.

IMG 1566

My granddaughter is helping her cousin watch the fishing.

IMG 2545

Back home Phai happily picks out our share of fish.

IMG 2548

Soon, dinner is being cooked on the barbecue.

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