A large visitor today and the results of a mushroom hunting trip

Phai and many other family members got up at 4 am this morning to go mushroom hunting. They do this at least once every time we visit. I have not been asked to go nor have I offered. They didn’t get back to the house until 2 pm. They didn’t bring as many mushrooms as they usually do but they did bring back several bags of fried beetles and fried silkworms. I have eaten the silkworms several times and they are a bit like popcorn, crunchy, salty and not bad. I decided I would pass on the fried beetles but they were eating them like candy. You can see the photos below. 

While they were gone I was sitting on my recliner in the general store and Ning called me. I looked up to see an elephant standing in the restaurant. Of course I gave the owner of the elephant some money in return for a bag of food which I then fed the elephant. He took the food out of my hand with his trunk. I took a couple photos but I couldn’t feed him and take my photo feeding him at the same time. 

Still no baby but I am posting a photo below to prove our daughter in law is very pregnant. I also enjoyed an amazing sunset last night before the first rain we have experienced started. It didn’t rain hard nor for long. We do need the rain for the rice crops that are being planted.

IMG 2447

My amazing dinner of Pad Thai, fresh pineapple and Rambutan. Rambutan looks like hard boiled eggs inside a red spine shell and is really good.  

IMG 2456

Not something you see in many restaurants in America

IMG 2458

Not full grown but a fairly good size

IMG 2459

Off he goes looking for more food

An amazing sunset

IMG 2454

This photo taken with an iPhone App called “Hydra” that uses very strong HDR technology to highlight the dark areas.

IMG 2464

Fresh fried beetles anyone?

IMG 2463

Or perhaps you would prefer fried silkworms? Not much goes to waste here.

IMG 2462

Phai’s sister shows me some of the mushrooms they picked.

IMG 2465

There really is another grandchild on the way. Either that or she is smuggling a watermelon.

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