A Nice Cool Day.

While the day started out warm, a really nice cooling rain moved in this afternoon to make it very pleasant. It is 5:30 pm now and only 84 degrees which feels cool for here. I am hoping we can get out shopping tomorrow in one of the larger stores in Nong Bua Lamphu which is about ten miles from here. Since it was a nice stay at home day there is not much to report except I had a brainstorm about how to protect my head. When they knocked down the wall at the back of the general store that leads into our house it left a low board that the gutter is attached to. The Thais all walk under it but with my height if I don’t duck it really hurts. I was being careful but twice I was looking down at whatever I was carrying as I headed into the house and whacked my head. I looked all around the property and found a six foot section of old garden house. I cut the hose and was able to cover the sharp wooden edge of the board. It fits perfect and is secure. It may still hurt if I bump it but a whole lot less than the sharp board.

As I was sitting here typing this suddenly all the dogs started barking and looked up and there were three cows walking down the road right in front of the restaurant. As you see in the photo below even they felt the need to check out the foreigner. 

I worked on this until the cows came home.

This cow had never seen a foreigner before.

This is Phai’s nieces daughter getting a bath. She is really cute but not sure about me yet. 

Phai and her daughter bringing in the bamboo they harvested on my farm. 

Phai tries out the hammock on the platform they built over the river. I love my farm.

The restaurant stayed very busy yesterday. It was a Buddhist holiday so everyone was off work and the kids home from school.

IMG 2353 (1)

This is the green garden hose that helps protect my head. Sometimes being tall can be a real pain. You can see my reflection in the sliding door of the house.

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