A very hot quiet Sunday

Phai visited a doctor yesterday and he gave her medicine for her coughing and throat. She has almost lost her voice which is really hard for her because everyone she sees wants to talk to her and hear her stories and be brought up to date. It is another brutally hot day. I don’t how we survived in the past when we didn’t have air conditioning. I guess as I get older my tolerance for the heat is declining. Phai and I got a good nights sleep last night and woke up before 6 am again this morning. It is 3:50 in the afternoon and she is taking her third nap. I encourage her by laying down and napping also. What a guy. Yesterday we thought we were going to get a rain storm but it passed around us. Sure could use some cooling rain. Still need to get out to my farm and have a look around and take some photos. Perhaps when it is a little cooler this evening. When Phai went to the market yesterday she said everyone was asking about me and want her to bring me to see them next time. I love to go and really enjoy smiling at everyone and getting huge smiles in return. I am working on trying to communicate in Thai this trip and Phai’s daughter Ning asked me to work with her on her english. She wants to know english for all the items in the restaurant so she can communicate with the foreigners that occasionally come to eat. 

Just before sunset Phai asked if I wanted to go see my farm. So we piled in son in laws truck and first stopped to look at the piece of property we purchased two years ago. It is on road on the way to the farm and her oldest son is preparing to build his house on the land. He has cleared it and had many loads of dirt trucked in to raise and level the property. I am not sure when they will start construction but I look forward to some good photos of the process.

It was almost dark when we reached my farm. Walked a little way around the perimeter. Saw the new platform they built out over the river. I need to get a fishing pole and try my luck.

They recently burned all the growth around the perimeter of my farm to make it easier to walk.

The sun was setting and it made a nice reflection in my river. Not bad for an iPhone Photo.

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