2015 Daily Blog

A very hot quiet Sunday

IMG 2295

Phai visited a doctor yesterday and he gave her medicine for her coughing and throat. She has almost lost her voice which is really hard for her because everyone she sees wants to talk to her and hear her stories and be brought up to date. It is another brutally hot day. I don’t how we survived in the past when we didn’t have air conditioning. …

Our first full day in the village

Second Day3

Phai and I woke up at 5:45 am to the ever present crowing of roosters (I actually enjoy the sound). We got dressed and waited for the Monks to come by for their morning food offerings. I had a wonderful breakfast of my favorite cereal “Nestle Fitness” which is not sold in the United States and some apple juice we bought on a quick trip into the larger village of Na Klang. …

Our Trip to Thailand

As we approached the date of trip first I got sick with a terrible cold then my wife Phai followed suit. I was able to see a doctor and get some medication and advice. She followed the same advice and over the counter medications. By the time we climbed on the plane we were feeling a bit better and our sinuses were not blocked (thank goodness). …

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