Finished New Roof. Hatched a lizard egg.

The family got to work putting up the side of the new roof. Sure looks good and makes the restaurant feel bigger. 

My brother in law harvested crabs at my farm. These guys bury themselves in the mud when the dry season comes then when the rains start again they come up. He had a whole tub of them. Phai said they will get cooked and the meat will be added to salads and pad thai. 

A couple of days ago Phai bought a large bag of coconuts. It took a lot of work to get the nuts out of the husks and then get the milk and meat out of the nut. Then she used the husks as planters and had son in law hang them up at the entrance to the restaurant. It adds a nice touch. She never runs of ideas of things to do. Photos below.

One of the things I find in Thailand is that in some ways they are more advanced. For example, most of the taxis in Bangkok have been converted to run on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). Son in law converted his pickup truck to LPG several years ago. It saves a lot of money vs using regular gas. A photo of his truck conversion is posted below. The LPG is readily available from gas stations all over Thailand. 

Took a quick trip to my farm. The rice is growing in several paddies. They stager the seeding so the reduce risk of losing the entire crop if the rains don’t come and also so they can stager the harvesting. 

Crabs from my farm

IMG 2677

A closer look

They are very active.

IMG 2688

Phais coconut husk planters

DSC02745 (1)

Son in law’s truck converted to LPG.

IMG 2710

Just minutes out of his shell. In fact you can still see some white shell below his mid section. Phai found the eggs when moving the thatch ceiling we took down. This guy hatched in front of our eyes. He is on Phai’s wrist in this photo.

IMG 2708

At the other end of the size spectrum is the gecko that lives behind our TV. He came out to catch bugs last night. Next time I will get my good camera out to take better pictures.

IMG 2714

Phai and her sister Jahn FaceTimed with their other sister and her two sons who now live in Florida. As you can see they ate lunch while they talked. 

IMG 2711

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product before it got dark. Here the first two panels go up.

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