Got the security cameras installed and had huge water urns moved.

Good day today. I am feeling better each day. The medication the doctor prescribed is definitely working. This morning Phai told me that son in law wants to work on installing the camera system. We got started on it but had to stop for awhile when three guys Phai hired to move some huge earthen water jugs arrived. I always wondered how they move those huge things. First they put a pump down in and pumped all the water out. Then the three guys used muscle power to move the first one. The next two they used a rickety old trailer. The third one Phai had them take it out to the property where her son will build his house which is only about a mile away. Photos and video below. When you view the photos and video think about the fact it only cost us $19.50 for all that. They had to divide that among the three of them and they were happy to get the job. 

Back to setting up the cameras which took a lot of time. Oh yea, first I had soup for lunch and then took a nap. Don’t want to overdue it. Phai invited her sister in to see what our air conditioning is like. She threatened to move in with us. Air conditioning is a very rare thing for someone to have in their home in this village. Have three cameras working great but need an ethernet extension for the fourth camera. 

IMG 2612

I promise you those jugs are heavy.

IMG 2617

Okay, after clearing out a couple of scorpions they have the jug in place and level.

IMG 2601

At 6:00 am the Monk makes his rounds to gather his food. The dogs love to hang out in the road. 

IMG 2606

Phai and the neighbor provide the monk his food. Past years he was always barefoot but now wears socks. I think his feet are hurting him. Notice Phai and the neighbor both take their shoes off for the monk and kneel in the road. 

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