My Trip to the Doctor - The fishing video is finally on YouTube

Well, I finally gave in and agreed to go to the see a doctor. They drove me into Nong Bua Lamphu to a private hospital which has a clinic attached. We went into the lobby and they immediately invited us over to the registration desk. All they needed was my passport. Shortly after registering I was seated in front of a nurse who took my blood pressure. She actually took it three times about three minutes apart. It was interesting to see it drop towards my normal readings as I relaxed. I explained (with Phai’s help) what was hurting, answered her questions like the fact I have no allergies, how long it has been hurting, etc. The nurse spoke enough English I could have made it through without Phai. Then I was ushered into the doctors office. He had me get up on the table and lay down and by the painful sounds I was making as I maneuvered he knew I was hurting, especially when he asked me to turn on my side. He listened to my breathing, asked more questions (he also spoke some English) and then ordered a urine sample and X-rays. Immediately an orderly brought in a wheel chair. First stop was a private bathroom for the urine sample and then into X-rays. Again the pain of laying on a hard table. They took multiple X-rays including me flat on my back and also laying on my side. They then wheeled me out into the waiting area outside the doctors office and within five minutes I was in front of the doctor again. He was reviewing my x-rays on his large computer screen. He then explained that my pain is due to a kidney infection. He said I do not have Kidney stones but my urine showed I had an infection. After confirming no allergies he asked if I wanted an injection. He laughed when I said I prefer oral medication. So back to waiting area for only a few minutes and then we were called over to billing desk to pay the bill. Are you ready for this?

Remember, I have no health insurance here in Thailand. There is a photo of the bill below for proof.

Lab was $3.53

X-Ray was $17.69

The Doctor was $5.89

Miscellaneous was $2.94

and the charge for six different drugs which they handed to me as soon as I paid the bill was $20.94

For a total bill of $50.99

And amazingly from the time I walked in the front door until I walked out again was just a few minutes less than one hour. That is with no appointment, getting lab work done, getting X-rays, having my vitals taken including weight and being examined by the doctor and having all six prescriptions filled and handed to me. Amazing Thailand! Great Healthcare system. 

You almost never need an appointment here for any medical care including dental work. 

I am so relieved to know that it is not a back problem but rather a Kidney infection. The drugs should clear that up in a few days and I will begin to enjoy doing things including sleeping without the constant pain. 

To show my thanks to Phai, her granddaughter and her granddaughters husband I treated them to a movie, popcorn and large cokes in the big new theatre in the Tesco Lotus shopping center. We saw the new Jurassic Park movie which all dubbed in Thai language. I didn’t really need English to understand what was happening. Total cost for 4 movie tickets, 3 large popcorns with caramel glaze on top and 3 large sodas (we shared among the four of us) was the huge amount of less than $25.00. Try paying that for a newly released movie for four people with popcorn and soda’s in Florida. Even if you bought discounted passes from Sam’s Club four tickets would cost $34.00 and the cost of popcorn and sodas is outrageous.   

I had a tough time getting the fishing video I edited uploaded to YouTube but finally got it. You can view it here FISHING VIDEO or click on the embedded video below.

This is the bill from the Veerapolkanpat Hospital for my visit today. 1,730 Thai Baht at about 34 baht per U.S. Dollar.

IMG 2591

My six prescriptions would have cost more in the U.S. than my entire bill in Thailand.

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