Nong Dan market then a trip to Udon Thani

Busy day today. First we went into the market in our village. Each month they have a day when the street beside the market is closed and vendors set up shop. Ning bought some material to make curtains with and Phai bought her son some new pants and a shirt. I enjoyed interacting with the locals. It is getting easier to have a basic conversation with them in Thai. 

Then we made to hour long drive to Udon Thani. First to some government facilities so Phai’s sister could apply for a passport and then to several large shopping centers. I passed on McDonalds. I have only been here three weeks so my cravings for American food are not strong yet. Got back to the restaurant in time for me to have a bowl of soup for dinner and then we had to run into Na Klang for some basic groceries. I will add more information tomorrow and hopefully some video. It is now 8:30 am in Florida so I want to get this update posted.

IMG 2738

Phai checks out some the colorful material for sale.

IMG 2743

Phai helps her son pick out some new pants.

IMG 2741

This guy sells purses while walking around the market. The is a cool purse rack because it has legs and he can move it off his shoulder and set it done on the ground. I asked him in Thai if i could take his picture and his smile assured me it was okay.

IMG 2744

The regular market was also open including the fruit vendors.

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