Our first full day in the village

Phai and I woke up at 5:45 am to the ever present crowing of roosters (I actually enjoy the sound). We got dressed and waited for the Monks to come by for their morning food offerings. I had a wonderful breakfast of my favorite cereal “Nestle Fitness” which is not sold in the United States and some apple juice we bought on a quick trip into the larger village of Na Klang. While in the village we ordered an air conditioning unit for your bedroom. It is brutally hot and humid (97 degrees). The amazing thing in Thailand is how fast things can happen. The day after our purchase they were here at 11 am to install. About two hours later and $670 dollars less money our bedroom is wonderfully comfortable. The unit is installed on the upper wall in the room and the condenser is outside. It is super quiet and efficient and has a ten year warranty. The price was all inclusive of taxes, delivery and complete installation including dedicated electricity. In Thailand no need for permits, inspections or hassles.

Needless to say I took two nice long naps in my cool bedroom. Still getting my body switched to Thai time which is 11 hours ahead of Florida. So at noon in Tampa it is 11pm here. Farmers hours dictate early to bed (about 9:30 pm) and early to rise (5:30 or 6:00 am). I was thrilled when my little buddy Pan who is 5 years old now recognized me and gave me big hugs and loves to come and visit me. He is Phai’s nieces son and a really nice kid. 

Second Day4

My Favorite Breakfast - Wish I could buy in the USA

Second Day2

Our New Air Conditioner

Second Day6

It even has a nice remote - Note degrees are in celsius 

Second Day5

The condenser unit is mounted on the wall outside the bedroom

Second Day3

This fish that is about 3 feet long was caught near my farm two days ago. It is now living in a fish tank.

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