Our Trip to Thailand

As we approached the date of trip first I got sick with a terrible cold then my wife Phai followed suit. I was able to see a doctor and get some medication and advice. She followed the same advice and over the counter medications. By the time we climbed on the plane we were feeling a bit better and our sinuses were not blocked (thank goodness). We spent the night at the Crown Plaza Hotel near the Tampa airport which made it a lot easier to catch a 7:05 am flight to JFK in New York. We got lucky and at the gate in Tampa they said it was a very full flight and if anyone wanted to check their carry on through to their destination they could do so. We checked both mine and Phai’s heavy roll on bags at no extra charge. If we had done so at the check in counter it would cost an extra $400 (two years ago it was $75 for each extra bag, now it is $200). We had already checked four 50 pound suitcases. That meant I only had to carry my backpack and she her purse. 

After several hours in New York it was on to Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan. After a more than 13 hour flight and a four hour layover we boarded our Delta flight to Bangkok. Another 5 hour flight putting us into Bangkok about 11 pm. The family (Phai’s daughter, husband, four grandkids and one daughter in law picked us up in a large 16 passenger van. They had rented the Van and driver and made the eight hour drive down from the village during the day. It was a beautiful van and most of the family slept during the ride up to the village. We rolled into our village of Nong Dan about eight in the morning. After a delicious bowl of Thai noodle soup that I had waited two years to taste again I went and fell asleep for a number of hours. We had been traveling for about 37 straight hours and both of us still were not feeling well.  

The last two hours of the van ride the driver played Thai concert videos.

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