Phai visited the doctor today and we bought new furniture

I will keep this short because I have lot to do this evening. We spent more than four hours in Nong Bua Lamphu. I insisted Phai see a doctor because she has been coughing and clearing her throat constantly. I was really worried. She kept buying over the counter medications but nothing seemed to help. We went to the same hospital clinic that I went to the other day. What took so long is they took a blood test and we had to wait several hours for the lab results. We went over to Tesco Lotus and ate lunch there then went back to the clinic. They also took chest/lung X-rays. She had a female doctor who was very nice and spoke decent english so the doctor came out and talked to me (she spoke good english) and said that it is more of an irritation due to changes in climate and air. She is also slightly anemic so they loaded her up with medications and sent us on our way. 

We stopped at our favorite furniture store in Na Klang and purchased a beautiful tv cabinet and a cabinet for our living room. We bought them about 3:30 and they were delivered and set up by the store at 4:30. The amazing part is these are large units, with lots of glass and wood and the total bill for all the furniture including delivery and tax (there isn’t any sales tax here) was $300.00. Phai negotiated a $60 discount and I cannot believe the units we got for only $150 each. Here are the photos. They were quick grab shots but you will get the idea.

IMG 2636

The truck arrives with the furniture. 

IMG 2638

Those are not small units. The two guys that delivered them brought them in and set everything up.

IMG 2640

We haven’t even untied the doors yet. Soon they will be filled with “stuff”.

IMG 2644

We got the TV and set up in the unit and the security cameras are set up. Have to tidy up the wiring and put some nice things inside. There are two LED lights that shine down from the top but I did not turn them on for the photo. Not a bad looking piece for $150. Of course a larger TV (this one is 32”) would make it look better.

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