Saturday and Sunday. Fathers Day celebrated December 5th in Thailand.

King's Birthday or Father's Day is celebrated on December 5, the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the monarch of Thailand. King's birthday is a national holiday and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. The event is used by the loyal people of Thailand to express their reverence for their King.

So for me it is just another day except I get to call my dad and wish him happy fathers day.

The last two days have gotten very hot again. 97 degrees yesterday and 93 degrees today. We installed a new fan in the ceiling in the general store where our chairs are and we watch tv. However with a hot tin roof it mostly hot air. Thank goodness for the air conditioner in our bedroom. I keep my computer on the small desk I bought in the bedroom and it makes a nice retreat for me. 

I forgot to mention that several days ago the big spider I photographed in our bathroom made the mistake of me seeing it on the wall in our bedroom. I can live with it the bathroom but not the bedroom so I picked up my size 13 sneaker and my aim was good. He never knew what hit him. At least I hope it was the same spider. I still check under the toilet seat before I sit down. Our bathroom gets very hot because there are no windows and it is a low tin ceiling. When we would get out of the shower, by the time I shaved and combed my hair I was perspiring again so we moved a floor fan into the bathroom and son in law installed electrical outlets for it. It blows hot air but the air moving across the water on us after our showers cool us off. 

Yesterday I decided to take my bike for a ride. It has been used by the kids in my absence so it is pretty beat up. Of course not thinking I took off down the road riding it on the wrong side of the road. Phai reminded me I was in Thailand and thankfully there were no cars coming down the road. I really worry that if I decide to drive here, even a motorbike I will make that mistake, especially when turning onto another road. 

Tomorrow, if it goes according to plans we will go into the bigger city of Udon Thani. I look forward to it because there is so much shopping there and perhaps I might make a stop at McDonalds for a burger and some fries. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. 

IMG 2719

Phai hired these guys to extend the rain gutter under the new roof but what they were doing was not going to work so after a bit of a heated conversation in Thai they packed up there stuff and left. We will find someone else to do the work.

IMG 2730

I walked outside to find Phai laying on a mat on the cement with her granddaughter working on her hair with tweezers. Turns out this is a common cure for gray hair in Thailand. Pluck them out with tweezers. I have seen groups of ladies taking turns doing for each other. 

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