The extended roof for the restaurant now up

This morning we (I actually helped) tore down the old thatch roof over one section of the restaurant. Once that was complete they guys began cutting and welding the steel support beams. At 3:00 they were close to being ready for the tin roofing material so Phai I were driven into Na Klang where we ordered and paid for it. Believe it or not, one hour later it was delivered to the restaurant and the guys kept right on working. Most of the work is now done. We still have to put up the sides to protect from sun, wind and rain. We also picked up two new ceiling fans for inside the general store to keep the are we sit in our comfortable chairs to watch TV more comfortable. Hopefully they will go up tomorrow. I have lots of photos of the new roof below. It is 6:30 pm and I need to eat dinner so I will get this updated and add more details tomorrow.

IMG 2659

Tearing down the old thatch roof. We will save it for use somewhere else.

IMG 2674

The last of the old roof is removed. That wood is what held it up.

The new steel braces are cut and welded into place.

The truck with the roofing material arrives just one hour after we purchased it. 

IMG 0143

The tin roof begins to be fastened in place. It is hot and sunny but they still work in bare feet.

IMG 2686

Progress continues.

IMG 0152

Son in law balances as he walks along the narrow beams. There is no net below.

IMG 0156

The new roof is in place.

IMG 2658

For a change of pace, here is a picture of the gecko that lives behind our new TV cabinet. He came out last night to catch bugs. By comparing him to the tile next to him I with is 16” long it is safe to assume he is close to one foot long. And since he can bite extremely hard I chose not to get close enough to measure him directly.

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