The Flea Market and My Farm

About every two weeks the village of Na Klang (about 5 miles away) has a large roadside flea market. It stretches along the main highway for at least a mile. We need a few things so away we went. There isn’t much that you cannot buy, from plants to food, clothes to spices, knives to pillows and huge quantities of plastic bins, tubs, baskets, etc.

I always enjoy walking around the market. Thank goodness I don’t mind being stared at. Because I am so much taller than most Thais, it is impossible for me to blend in and since they don’t see all that many foreigners here in Isaan (the name for the Northeast section of Thailand) I do attract attention. Especially among the kids. Sometimes I am even approached by young Thai women wanting to find a foreign husband. Phai doesn’t let me too far out of her site and usually has me photograph them and tell them we will look for someone for them when we get back to America. At one point my little buddy Pan came running to me. He was at the market with his mother. You can see him and his beautiful mother in one of the photos below. 

Went back to the house for a wonderful bowl of soup (an everyday event for me) and then worked on updating this website. However, I ran into a major roadblock. Every time I tried to upload it said I had an invalid password. This was being generated by the software I use (Sandvox). I was able to initiate an on-line chat with my hosting company (ipage)  who confirmed I was in fact using the correct login credentials. I was unable to contact the software provider and decided to take a break to go visit my farm. We had hired a man with a tractor to prepare the soil for planting sticky rice and he was just leaving when we got there. He is about ⅔ finished and will complete it tomorrow. Spent some very nice time on the dock over the river with a wonderful breeze blowing while Phai and her daughter harvested bamboo. They will cook it when we get back to the restaurant. 

After a frustrating evening with no success uploading my site I gave up and went to bed. This morning I rebooted my computer but still no luck. Then it hit me. Perhaps it was an issue with the fact I was in a foreign country. I fired up my VPN (Virtual Private Network) software which fooled the software company into thinking I was in Florida. Viola, the update succeeded. It would have been helpful if the message let me know that instead of simply telling me the login was incorrect. It is the same thing I do with my iPad so I can watch american TV here. Those of you in my Mac Club and my iPad classes know how much I believe in VPN services and the security they provide and if I didn’t have a VPN service I would be lost while traveling. 

Second Day1

My little buddy Pan picks out some treats. That is his mother Cat in the bright red top.

Second Day4

Hot chili peppers anyone?

Second Day2

Some new clothes? Almost impossible for me to find clothes made large enough for me here.

Second Day3

How about some knives or tools?

Second Day6

When Shopping in the flea markets here be prepared to bend over. Most goods are spread out on the ground.

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