Took the kids swimming and an eight legged visitor

Actually, the visitor was in the bathroom when I went in to take a shower last night. I called Phai in and together we decided to not kill it since it did not seem to want to attack us and as big as he was I didn’t want to make him mad. So I did the next best thing and grabbed my iPhone and took some photos. Those are posted below. This is the second time I have seen this guy. The first time he was in my sink. I am now getting in the habit of checking under the toilet seat before I sit down.


Today is Saturday so all the kids are home. Phai took them all to a resort with a big pool so they could go swimming. Needless to say they loved it. I went with my granddaughters husband to pick them up and took some video of them at the pool. I will see if I can get it posted today. For whatever reason it seems it takes much longer to upload video to YouTube than it did during our Thailand trip two years ago. Okay, it just finished uploading and can viewed on YouTube Here. I will try and upload a higher resolution video later.

Then about 4 pm a huge rain storm moved in. It was extremely windy, the rain came down in buckets and lightning strikes really lit things up. We need the rain and we got it. It poured for about 1 ½ hours. Cooled things off nicely. 

IMG 2596

My Visitor - He was not camera shy

Spider vs My Hand

Perhaps this collage helps demonstrate that this guy would easily cover the palm of my hand.

Saw these shoes yesterday. Thought they would be great for someone who has trouble saying no. They can simply put their right foot out and shake it all about.


The family pets. They are inseparable. They stay outside all the time. Those are rooster cages behind them.

hooters 0

I just found out they are opening Hooters restaurants in Thailand. Any reason I had for not moving here is now gone. Just kidding.

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