Visited a small Thai hospital in Na Klang

When we woke up this morning we discovered that Phai’s daughter in law Moot had been taken to the hospital during the early morning hours because she was in labor. After breakfast and a shower we drove into town to see how she was doing. The labor has stopped for now but they are keeping her there for a few days. This is a small government hospital and not where I would want to go. When Phai hurt her back 4 years ago we took her to a private hospital in Nong Bua Lamphu which was a much nicer facility. This small local hospital is not air conditioned, the beds are very old and she was just in a room off the main hallway where anyone can walk in. There is no visitor registration and our five year old granddaughter Fa Mai simply walked in with us. We stopped on the way back to our village and picked up a few items including some nice dark sunglass for me. The intense sun was hurting my eyes and we cannot find the sunglasses I brought with me. Had my daily bowl of Ning’s soup and some ice cream we bought for desert. Then I laid down for awhile and didn’t wake up until two hours later. A nice evening trip to the local market in our village of Nong Dan where we bought supplies for the restaurant and a few goodies for me including a wonderfully sweet needless watermelon. I really enjoy interacting with the locals and they are all smiles for me. When the woman selling the watermelon cut a sample for me to try and I told her in Thai it was really delicious and very sweet all the locals laughed and smiled and seemed pleased I was able to say that in Thai. Thai people really appreciate a foreigner who makes an attempt to learn their language. 

It is fun walking around the market but very dangerous for me. My height means my head is in jeopardy with almost every step. I managed to make it all the through the market without banging my head on anything but it wasn’t easy. I did have one incident where a fish laid out on a table getting ready to be gutted decided he wasn’t ready to give up and flapped his tail which sprayed blood and guts on my nice white shirt (and I was at least six feet away from him). A quick grab for some paper towels and water and we were able to at least get it mostly off my shirt so I could walk around without being embarrassed. When Ning washes my clothes she does a great job of getting stains out. My biggest disappointed is that the vendor that was there two years ago selling ready made salads is gone. I really miss my nice fresh salads for dinner and settled for Pink Pad Thai. Yep, the noodles are pink.

IMG 2402

Looking at the market from the street

IMG 2394

Walking through the market

IMG 2393

A pretty Thai lady sells her mushrooms

IMG 2397

Ning buys long green beens for tomorrows soup

IMG 2405

Yes, those fish are still alive

IMG 2409

My dinner of Pink Pad Thai

IMG 2406

This is what the fish looked like a few minutes after making a mess of my shirt. 

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